Friday, August 22, 2008

Laurel Valley Community Church

This church in is Southwest Virginia. I wandered across it while traveling the back roads looking for birds, butterflies, and flowers to photograph.

This is the most unusual outhouse I have ever seen. It has a door at each end, and each end is a "2 holer". The doors were not marked as male or female, but maybe the church members know which are which. The farm equipment was also in the church yard.

I did turn these photographs to Sepia using Picasa. I still have not loaded the Photoshop Elements I bought 3 months ago, but thought I would try this.


jalynn01 said...

What nice photographs! Is the church still used? I'm guessing not. But one can guess there's a whole lot of stories about this church and it's '2 holer' outhouse 2 on each end! And I love the machinery in the churchyard. Please post the church in color so I can see what it looks like. Thank you ..

Darla said...

Okay so you must have read my question on open comment....I love them how do I find out the price and stuff? I am so excited!

Darla said...

Got the price if it is the same as your nature photos, where do I send the money? email me at I could not send you an email.

Lynne said...

Beautiful, moving photographs.

Leedra said...

Darla - try the email button on my profile page. Let me know which photos you are interested in and which sizes. If that does not work I will email you tomorrow. I am not at home this afternoon.

Jalynn01 - I will post in color and tell more of the story with that post. Not sure it will be this weekend. Probably will end out posting more photos, to help with the story.

Lynne - it was very moving, as anytime a person is inside of a church by themself, which I was.

Shellmo said...

I love, love historical cabins!! And I liked how you put them in the sepia like color - really set the mood.

Jen said...

I love this log church too!!
I may want to get a print also.
I am going away the first of next week, so I get in touch with you about it the first part of Sept!

Leedra said...

Shellmo and Jen- thank you for the comments.

Jen - just let me know if/when you want photos.

Red said...

beautiful! the subject just screamed, do me in sepia tone!

i love old barns and buildings - even old farm equipment... must be what i'm missing here in the city, lol.