Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Goldfinch in the Crepe Myrtle

I had the hardest time trying to catch these Goldfinch in the Sunflowers, but there they sit for me in the Crepe Myrtles. They did fly, but they did watch ME first. Sometimes they are as curious of us as we are of them. The sunflowers are now gone. Pulled them up and tossed them on the burn pile. If there are seeds left I am sure they will find them, we have been waiting on some rain before burning them. The rain did start Monday afternoon, it has been a slow steady rain, which we need so badly. This is our 2nd summer of drought.


Shellmo said...

What a great background to photograph them in! I love the goldfinches cheery nature.

Mary C said...

The crepe myrtle makes a perfect backdrop for those lovely goldfinches. The contrast is very striking.

Anonymous said...

I like the goldfinches and they look so lovely in the crepe myrtle.