Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Peach Angel Trumpet Tree

These photographs were also taken in Spring City, Tennessee. These were almost downtown, in the quiet little area within walking distance of the business section. Have to keep in mind about the same time General Shale bought land in the area the highway next to the railroad tracks expanded to 4 lanes, with a turn lane in the middle. The town is on the other side of the tracks and there is just one caution light. Now on the highway there are 2 actual changing lights, one on each end of the town.

Had to get close, as I tend to do.

These were so beautiful and they were out at the road, just asking to be photographed. Couldn't pass them by, and the early morning light was just right. Would love to have some seeds from this one. Don't even know if these seed the same way as the other Angel Trumpets. I have two earlier post you can view here and here, which are both different from this one, and different from each other.

Ok, here we go again. I let Picasa upload 4 photographs, then added one more. Guess that is the way to do it if I want to post more than 4 photos. The first 4 I save to draft, and it goes real fast, but when I uploaded the last one it took longer than it did when I was on dialup. I now know that is because it is actually downloading the full size photograph, which does nobody any good, because it is too large to look at on your screen. I think I am going to give up for today. Maybe a light bulb will turn on and I will figure out how to size the photograph so when you click on the photo you can view a slightly larger photograph, but small enough you can still see it.
I do have some old post ready, so tomorrow you will see birds, in my old format, free of Vista complaints.
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Last 2 Blue Hydrangea blooms from Spring City

These are the last 2 blooms from the Blue Hydrangea shrubs I photographed last week along the country road in Spring City, Tennessee.
Thank you for bearing with me as I learn all the quirks of blogging with the new computer.
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Fading Hydrangea blooms

These blooms are beginning to fade. The last photograph is the only bloom left on the fading shrubs. All the other photos I have been posting are on 2 other shrubs to the left of these.

This last fresh bloom looks out of place by itself.
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And now I find out I can't type where I want to always. And what is it with this Picasa sign stuck up next to the last photograph instead of at the bottom? Go figure!

More Blue Hydrangea flowers

Ok, now I figure out with this new fangled 'thing' that I cannot seem to conquer it won't let me post but 4 photographs at a time. I will post 4 more to go with this. You thought I posted often before, it is going to get worse with this.
This post was going to show you the blooms as they progress, see the next post for that.
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More Blue Hydrangea buds

Thought I had it, but this one posted before I was ready too. These are some more from Spring City last week. These are the ones when I just had to do my normal and get a little closer to the bloom. I was so surprised they were so pretty this time of year. There were 2 shrubs right next to these 2 shrubs that were basically finished for the year, these 2 looked like they were just getting started. When you click on the photograph they are still way to large for you to tell anything about them, but I am still working on that.
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Hydrangea Buds

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Well, I guess I am getting there, except this one automatically posted on its own. Found the blog button in Picasa, clicking on these 4 photos and clicked blog, and it posted. Had to edit to get the words, so am still trial and error time. Getting closer, just bare with me.
These photographs were taken in Spring City at the same time as my other test post.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blue Hydrangea in Spring City

I took this photograph of a blue hydrangea on the side of the road in Spring City, Tennessee this past week. I am going there 2 nights a week to be with my husband. Since I work evening shift I go out in the mornings to photograph whatever catches my eye. This hygrangea did, and I have some more photographs to share, but I was going to try this one first as my first download since getting this new computer. Because of having trouble with the sizing it took it as long to download as when I was on dialup. Sure am glad I did not get this computer while I was still on dialup, I would have given up blogging totally. Still working on how to do this. Have now downloaded Picasa3, and it is better than either of the other 2 I was trying to use with Vista, but I still do NOT find a resize.

Monarch on zinnia

Look at all those polka dots. I am sure God has everyone of them numbered and in the exact spot he wanted them to be. Are we in the exact spot God wants us to be on this Sunday morning?

Oh, by the way, Pam has this one enlarged and at her house too.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Orchid at Las Vegas

We went to Las Vegas after we left the Grand Canyon. I don't think it should be a surprise to anybody by now to find out I was taking photos of the flowers while in Las Vegas. This was in one of the beautiful lobbies, but I don't know which one. This photograph hangs in a very good friend's house. Pam, sorry I just had to share what you get to look at everyday.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Grand Canyon at Sunrise

Sunrise in the Grand Canyon, September 2007. The most beautiful time in the Canyon.

Not much you can add to this awesome show of God's creations. It was an amazing trip.

Grand Canyon Sunrise Photos

Both of these photographs were taken at sunrise in the Grand Canyon, September 2007.The bottom photograph I just turned around and this man was standing there taking in the awesomeness (is that a word, if not it should be), unaware of anybody around him. This photograph has not been touched, this is the way it turned out. The Smoky's turn blue, I guess the Canyon turns brown.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Grand Canyon Squirrel

I took this photograph of a squirrel in the Grand Canyon last year.

First view of Grand Canyon

These were my first views of the Grand Canyon, September 2007.

Surprise Lily

This is a non-hardy Surprise Lily. This has to be planted in a pot and taken in during the cold months. The good part about it is you put the pot in the dark and don't water it at all. Early spring bring it out to the light and start watering it. The green part stays all summer, until fall and you start the cycle again. I have 2 pots of these. They bloom off and on all summer. This was given to me by an 89 year old lady the year before she died.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yellow wildflowers across the road

These wildflowers are in bloom across the road along the guardrail. The other day my husband said "Why don't you take some pictures of those?", I replied "Been there, done that". Now you get to see the pretty flowers too.

Bee on pink zinnia

In this top photograph it appears the bee is covered in pollen.But in the next 2 photographs I think it might be a pollen sack that Ecobirder mentioned several days ago.

This is the first post I prepared after getting ADSL, love it! It is sooooooo fast. I now agree with Ecobirder, don't know how I was blogging without ADSL. That was the disadvantage of where I live. We finally got it on our country road (think I had a little to do with that one). It is GREAT! Won't have to sit in front of the computer nearly as much, can get out and take those photographs to post.

If on occasion the photographs are small again, it means I prepared either the photo size or the actual post before I got ADSL. Not to worry, they will go right back to the larger size.

Thank you to everybody that has sent comments and encouragement about my hand. Prayer and the COLD water did it. Can't tell anything happened.

Mockingbird in the trees

This Mockingbird started out glaring at me. But then decided to ignore me.