Thursday, September 4, 2008

Turkeys in Cades Cove Labor Day

No more snakes photos. On to the turkeys.

Yes, he is digging in what it looks like. Makes you think twice about eating wild turkey. Maybe the ones we buy in the store are fed better than this.

Look at that beard. Does anybody know what the knot is on his beak?


Darla said...

So ugly it's cute! Don't know about the knot on it's beak, do know that wild turkeys can fly and the flap of skin under the neck can turn from gray to red when mad or excited. The males spread the feathers and bob around when trying to attract females (like peacocks), the domestic turkey weighs twice as much as the wild turkey and can't fly. So glad you moved on from the snakes, thank you.

fishing guy said...

Leedra: What great shots of the turkeys. That is a long beard on that big Tom.

Jen said...

The knot looking thing on his beak is a snood.
I asked my husband. He's a turkey hunter. I have several on my blog taken with his scout camera.
July 28th post.
Great pictures!