Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bee on pink zinnia

In this top photograph it appears the bee is covered in pollen.But in the next 2 photographs I think it might be a pollen sack that Ecobirder mentioned several days ago.

This is the first post I prepared after getting ADSL, love it! It is sooooooo fast. I now agree with Ecobirder, don't know how I was blogging without ADSL. That was the disadvantage of where I live. We finally got it on our country road (think I had a little to do with that one). It is GREAT! Won't have to sit in front of the computer nearly as much, can get out and take those photographs to post.

If on occasion the photographs are small again, it means I prepared either the photo size or the actual post before I got ADSL. Not to worry, they will go right back to the larger size.

Thank you to everybody that has sent comments and encouragement about my hand. Prayer and the COLD water did it. Can't tell anything happened.


Lynne said...

Congrats on the high speed and I'm glad your hand is better.

troutbirder said...

Way to go Leedra. Glad to hear your ok and also "up to speed". Beautiful zinnia reminds me of the plague of adult corn root worm bettles which wiped out my zinnias last week. It's price for living near to 500 acres of corn fields.

Darla said...

Hooray!! Congrats on your high speed and Thank Lord for His healing in your hand. Love the bee on the Zinnia!

Sara G said...

Beautiful photo's.
So glad to hear your hand is doing better and congrats on getting high speed!! You will wonder how you ever did without it before!!

fishing guy said...

Leedra: Glad your better and super fast. I always love bee photos and these are really nice. I have a whole file of bees on my computer.

Pam said...

Beautiful pictures! Great detail on the bee.