Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Woody Place Cataloochee Cove - GSMNP

This sign should be at each house, but this was the only one we saw in the cove.About half way up that mile LONG hike I realized I only had my telephoto lens. When we got out of the vehicle we thought we were going to be photographing the elk in the distance. So with just the little clearing around the house, I could not get far enough away to get a full photograph of the house.
Could see straight thru the house ok.
Notice the hand made lattice. The wood is a lot thicker than what we see now days., and it is made one stick at a time.

The spring house. And then back down the mile hike to see if the elk were roaming in the fields yet.


Darla said...

Isn't that what they call a shotgun house. When you can shoot thru the front door out the back?

Leedra said...

The old houses that were straight back (about the size of a single wide trailor, but the front door on one end) is what I had always heard referred to as a shotgun house. Who knows.

But the Caldwell House reminded me of a house a relative of mine, (the sheriff in Walton County, Georgia), was called about a domestic. Somebody in the back corner of the house shot him while he was standing at the front door and killed him. The shot went through about 6 walls. I actually put my finger in the holes. The shooter was not standing in the hallway, but in one of the back side rooms. I should have told that story with the post.

Darla said...

Cool story, can't you go back and edit your post? That's worth sharing.

Leedra said...

I updated the post with the story.