Monday, September 15, 2008

Caldwell Place in Cataloochee Cove - GSMNP

Remember this house was built in 1903.
Look at this woodwork.
They not only had the arch, but look at the design going 3 different directions on the same wall.

And the staircase. This house was awesome. Would love to live in today, just not down that 10 miles of mountain side to get to it.
The view from the front porch, nice stream between the house and the barn.
Notice the cross on the barn.
A blogger buddy, Darla, suggested I update this post and tell this story. See the comments on the Woody Place post. This house brought back memories for me. When I was about 10 years old the house down the road past my Granny and Papa's house (in Walton County, Georgia)was very similiar to this house. One Saturday evening Sheriff Doc Sorrells (relative of mine) was called to the house because the man of the house was intoxicated and causing problems. When the sheriff knocked on the front door the man shot him from the back of the house. The man was in the back right room. The shot went through 6 to 8 walls and killed the sheriff standing at the front door. When nobody lived in the house anymore we went in the house to investigate it. CSI would have used beams to show the bullets path. We were not that sophisticated, we stuck our fingers in the holes in all the walls. The holes were at angles in the walls, straight to the front door.
After I was grown I visited the Police Memorial in Washington, DC and found his name on the wall and made a rub of his name. It was a very emotional visit, due to knowing several police officers listed on the wall.


T said...

I really enjoy looking at homes built back then. I always think I was born in the wrong era. Seems like such simpler times.

tipper said...

Love the pictures!! I've acutally been in the old house too-so neat. I enjoyed the story of the sheriff from your youth too.

The Tile Lady said...

That's a really fascinating story! And to find the name of your murdered relative on the Police Memorial in D.C. had to have been very emotional. Thanks for adding the story to this post.