Monday, September 8, 2008

6 Point Buck in Cades Cove

We had just come around a curve in the road just past where I photographed several deer in March this year when we came across 2 bucks in field right at the road.At least 10 people are standing in the curve of the road with cameras in hand.
The 2 bucks could care less. I walked back up away from the curve, and closer to the smaller of the 2 bucks.
Something has grabbed his attention.
Think possibly a motorcyle, or louder vehicle came by.
I think he is going to settle back down.
But then he turns totally around.
And slowly starts away.
Then he jumps the fence, crosses the road and jumps the other fence.
His photograhpic session was over. But his buddy will be in the 3rd post today.


Darla said...

Nice, and I love all the colors around the buck.

Lynne said...

A very handsome fellow.