Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hydrangea Buds

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Well, I guess I am getting there, except this one automatically posted on its own. Found the blog button in Picasa, clicking on these 4 photos and clicked blog, and it posted. Had to edit to get the words, so am still trial and error time. Getting closer, just bare with me.
These photographs were taken in Spring City at the same time as my other test post.


Lynne said...

Leedra, these are perfectly lovely.

The Tile Lady said...

Beautiful pictures! And I'm glad they posted on their own. :-) Hope you are getting more used to the Vista. Mom has been trying to post a slideshow for over a month, and she has it created in Photobucket, but whenever she tries to put it on Blogger, it either doesn't post at all, or it posts with a strange border around it and no way to start the slideshow, or it's a black square....you may have noticed her new post will be listed as "Ireland" but it isn't there. That's why! Ahhh, computers! Wonderful but infuriating all at the same time!