Monday, September 22, 2008

Brave little Goldfinch

All summer I tried and tried to catch the Goldfinch on the sunflowers, but they would not even let me get close.Here I sat minding my own business.
And this little one just jumps down on the limb, right above my head.
Looks at me, like "What are you doing there?"
"If I don't look at you, you won't be there!"
Gives me a hateful look (dont' you think?) as if to say "What are you still doing there?", then took off.

He wanted to jump down on the wall and get the seeds I had spread out, but wouldn't with me there. Actually he was closer to me in the tree than he would have been at the seed.


Darla said...

I have not been able to take any decent bird pictures. Yours are wonderful as usual.

fishing guy said...

Leedra: Neat shot of the pretty female.

Shellmo said...

You captured her curiousity so well - nice!

2sweetnsaxy said...

Simply wonderful. I'm paying a little more attention to birds now. Been browsing your blog and your pics are really great. I'll be sneaking back from time to time.

The Tile Lady said...

Great shots! What a brave little fellow, as you say! I've found goldfinch to be very skittish!

Pam said...

Great pics! I love the goldfinches.