Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Henry Whitehead Place in Cades Cove

This is the Henry Whitehead Place in Cades Cove. I have been to Cades Cove fairly often for the last 37 years, and do not remember ever going by this home place before. We decided to go down Forge Creek Road, which is just a side road, to see what the scenery was like. Never expected a cabin.Notice how 2 separate cabins are right next to each other.
They even share the same gutter. Notice somebody wrote on it. I do not understand why people visiting such a place as the GSMNP would do this.This smokehouse looks about the same as the one at the Cable Mill area where the Copperheads were. We had not yet seen the Copperheads at this time.
Notice how much smalerl in height the back cabin is. The door was too short to go into without bending down, and the ceiling was just above our heads. At least it would stay warmer. Good in the winter, bad in the summer.
Can even look through the front door all the way in to the back cabin.
One last glance before we traveled on down the road.

The front cabin has a brick fireplace, the back cabin has the old stone fireplace. Could possibly be the front fireplace has been replaced by the national park.


Darla said...

I wonder how old the cabins are? That is very unique!

fishing guy said...

Leedra: Thanks for sharing this great looking place, you will never figure out why people do dumb things.

Darla said...

Come by my blog and pick up your award!!!!

Shellmo said...

I love historical log cabins - you took some really nice photos! How sad someone wanted to put their graffitti on this! I'll never understand!
I have a blog dedicated to my log cabin - you'll have to come check it out when you have time!