Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The landscape of Cades Cove

The first 6 photographs are on the trail to the "Wet Bottoms". Was suppose to be .2 of a mile. After about a mile, and we had sorta gone in a large U, we cut back across the field to the road. I sat on a large rock and my husband went back for the vehicle.
This area was where we saw the Common Wood Nymph in an earlier post of Cades Cove.

Not hidden very well.
But he can dance fairly well.
This creek is one of my favorite places.
It looks so different everytime I am there. The underbrush has really grown since I was there in March. Almost can't get around the edge. Can understand why the parks have control burns.
Notice here the water is 'milky', Not sure why. We had not seen the Copperheads at this point, not sure I would have been walking around in this area if I had.
This was taken at the same place as the bottom photograph. Just seeing if I could actually get a picture of the fish under water. Think the shade probably helped.
This was after we had seen the Copperheads, and we were just up from the mill building. This path is beside the water feeding to the mill wheel. Had to go back here to take photos of each other. The first photos my husband and I ever took of each other were to my back about 50 ft, during my 'film' days. No I don't have a scanner so I cannot share those photos with you.


The Tile Lady said...

Love the shots of the deadwood, and also the milky water. I love walking in the forest, and love to be as quiet as possible so I can see wildlife....then I worry about thye snakes and want to make some noise! Never sure which I should do! :-)

Shellmo said...

Enjoyed the photos of the creek especially!

Darla said...

You had me nervous for a second! I just knew there would be another photo of the Copperheads, I was scrolling ever so slowly. Great photos.

Darla said...

psst! check your email.