Friday, September 12, 2008

Palmer House at Cataloochee Cove - GSMNP

The Palmer House is the first home place you come to in Cataloochee Cove. The white portion was added on the house in 1924. Notice the wallpaper in the front left room.
Then newspaper as wallpaper upstairs. We looked for a date, but couldn't find a year.
These steps are between the 2 log cabins that were joined in by one roof. The porch between them goes all the way through the house.
This is the back of the house.
Not sure what this log structure is, unless it is one of the bunk houses they built for the tourist in the early 1920's. Not much larger than a smokehouse, but it does not have a floor, and most smokehouses have a floor.
The white structure is the spring house. Nice lattice door.
The view of the house and springhouse from the barn.
The barn from the house.
That is my husband on the upper level.
I have never seen a ramp like this going to the upper level of a barn. Makes it a lot easier than lifting, or going up ladders.


Darla said...

You find the most amazing things. You know I like photos like this.

Shellmo said...

This is all so interesting to me - really enjoyed this!

The Tile Lady said...

Isn't it wonderful what is still there in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park?! I love that area so much, and think it's awesome that you stumbled on this find when you have been living nearby for years and didn't know it was there. The old cabins and houses are just wonderful to see! Great photos!