Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Elk Bull #2 Cataloochee Cove - GSMNP

This is the same elk bull we saw as we entered Cataloochee Cove in the woods. I posted a photograph on September 14. On that post I provided some information about the elk program in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.This is in the afternoon, he has come out to graze. It is so hot, he is still staying in the tree line.
Notice he has just a touch of velvet on one tip of his antler.
He grazed back in forth, so he didn't have to get out in the sun.
His tag has 2 on it. This means he was the number 2 elk brought into the cove during the re-introduction program.

You can also see his collar. I still have more elk photos to post, this is the last of elk number 2.


Shellmo said...

Now that's a big boy!!

Darla said...

I still think these photos of the Elk are amazing, how close are you to them?

2sweetnsaxy said...

These area amazing shots! And I'm loving your butterfly photos on the right, especially that one with the black butterfly all up in the flower. :-D

Mary C said...

He certainly looks well fed, doesn't he? Certainly a good looking representative of the elk family. Nice photos, Leedra.