Sunday, September 7, 2008

Posting from a dialup circuit

I am still posting photographs from a dialup circuit. No ADSL available at my house.

Cable DSL? Boy, that is a joke too. I watch TV using a high definition antenna. It is great, on the few channels it gets me. I do have a flat screen TV, so the viewing is great, just local. I get what is in the air to get.

Just saying all this to say. I have made an attempt to upload my photos using a larger setting in my cropping, and then in blogger. The photographs are larger. But it is getting really time consuming because of the dial up. So, that said, I am going to go back to the smaller version. They just load SO MUCH FASTER. This past week while trying to post all these Cades Cove photos it seems all I have accomplished is sitting in front of the computer. Preparing for not having access to my photo computer much for the next several weeks I have already got post ready. They will post automatically at the times I have set, and I will still be able to visit all of you. You randomly may see the larger photos due to the post I have already loaded.

I hope the smaller photos will not keep you away, I really enjoy the visits in both directions.

Thanks for those of you that added me as a blog you follow, using the latest blogger addition. I have started adding myself as a follower to your blogs. Think this gadget is pretty neat.

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