Sunday, August 3, 2008

Eastern Bluebirds at newly installed birdhouse

Eastern Bluebirds a plenty.Between us and the neighbors yard (5 acres) we have 8 bluebird houses, counting this new one. It seems like earlier in the spring the Tree Swallows were winning the fight, but now it seems we have a lot more Bluebirds than Tree Swallows. Not sure what happened to the Tree Swallows, maybe they don't continue to have more like the Bluebirds do.It took them 1 week to check this one out after it was put up. Notice the young one is helping too. There are now babies in the box.
The last photo is just to show where the new house is located. This arbor was built for wisteria starts from my Granny Sorrells. Due to the drought last year (some better this year) they have been real slow at getting going. We did face it toward the outside, for when the wisteria is more plentiful, hopefully the bluebirds will still use the box.

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