Sunday, August 31, 2008

August Events

I started the month with a visit to James Snodderly's farm. He was absolutely thrilled when I took him his prints. We had a great time, and made a new friend.

The following weekend we had the Sunday School picinic at Wayne and Ruby's house. They live at Douglas Lake so that included a boat ride close to sunset, but not quite. I really enjoyed that and took lots of photos. Used some for my first ever Skywatch Friday post on August 29.

The 3rd weekend of the month my Mother came for a visit (from Stone Mountain, Georgia). John and Lindsey brought Mason up for the weekend and it was the first time she saw Mason. Wendy and Lukas also came up on Sunday afternoon. A weekend with my grandson is always GOOD. But this one was especially good since everybody was here. And of course I made lots of photos that weekend too.

The last week I took off one day and went to Spring City to be with Jimmy. He is now back in Tennessee, but he is still 90 miles away, in Spring City. We looked around to see which area we want to move to, now that he is in his new permanent location with his company. We were suppose to list the house with our realtor yesterday. She had a family emergency and had to fly to Canada. Anybody want to move to beautiful East Tennessee?

Of course I go out daily to photograph whatever is in my yard. With Jimmy not here during the week I don't cook any. Spend my time with camera in hand or blogging....when not at my paying job, it being evening shift helps with the morning photos.

I did work on a new stain glass this month to replace one Jimmy does not want to leave behind when we sale the house. The photograph here is it after it was installed above the pantry door in my kitchen. Jimmy wanted to keep the daffodil stained glass that was there. My favorite that we are leaving are the 3 iris pieces that make up the transom between the dining room and the living room. Jimmy and I made it together, Jimmy does not work on stained glass anymore. He has decided he didn't enjoy it as much as woodworking. Unfortunately, we haven't quite figured out how to take that one out. And naturally the restoration is staying, it was installed before the house was bricked, and it would be MAJOR to take out. That one is not quite as sentimental as the others.

As for the birds, August was not as eventful as July with newbees, but I did have some new ones. The Black and White Warbler, Northern Cardinal, and the Chickadee were all new to my yard in August.

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Darla said...

Sounds like a busy, but fun month for you and your family. I love making memories.........