Friday, August 15, 2008

Variegated and Great Spangled Fritillaries

The top 3 are one type of butterfly.Notice the underside of this one.
This photo the wing on this side is completely flat. So it is a kinda of odd photo from the top of this one, but it does look like it is the same butterfly as the 1st photo.
Then you get to the bottom 3 photos. From the top this butterfly pretty much seems the same as the butterfly at the top. Although I don't have this one completely flat.
He also appears to not open his wings as he eats like the one above does.
Has the underside markings of a Fritillary, so I am fairly confident it is. Just which one?
It just amazes me these 2 butterflies are basically the same on the top, but the undersides are not similiar at all.

The top one I have been at for 2 summers now. Either I did not notice the bottom one last summer, or it is new to my yard this year. I am beginning to think Fritillaries are like Skippers. Label it as a Fritillary and go on. Although that does not quite satisfy me, so I would appreciate any and all comments helping me id these 2.

UPDATE: Hap in New Hope has helped id these 2 butterflies. The top 3 photos are the Variegated Fritillary. The bottom 3 photos are the Great spangle Fritillary. Thank you very much for the help.


Darla said...

Hey Leedra, I like to photograph butterflies too, they do love the zinnias. Our 10 year old raised butterflies this summer and picked zinnias sprinkled them with sugar water and fed them, it was a really cool experiment. (of course we set them free)

fishing guy said...

Leedra: I don't know this one but it is beautiful and nicely captured.

Ecobirder said...

Leedra, Hap from New Hope asked me to let ou know that the top butterfly, first 3 pics, is a variegated fritillary and the second one, bottom 3 pics, is a great-spangled fritillary.

He tried to post a comment but was not able to because he does not have a Google account, so he needs to post as anonymous. You may want to consider turning on that option.

Leedra said...

Thanks for passing the info along. I have changed my comment posting requirements. He should be able to leave me comments now. I will update this post with his info.