Friday, August 1, 2008

Blue Hydrangea

Blue Hydrangea bushes remind me so much of my Granny and Papa Sorrells' farm. I have many flowers and shrubs that came from that farm. This one is not one of those. This one is in my neighbor's yard. But it still takes me back to that farm and especially to memories of my Granny Sorrells.

I have a wonderful piece of glass I bought to make hydrangea bushes with, these should inspire me to get out there in the shop and make it. Just have to lay down the camera to do that. We'll see.


troutbirder said...

Beautiful blues. I tried to grow them in our limey soil here but no luck with that color. Oh well.

Bird Girl said...

How lovely! And even nicer that they remind you of your Gram. I'm hoping that my grandsons will remember all these kinds of things about ME! My Hydrangea are always pink because of my soil. My daughter's were blue this year for the first time - I think it must have been the mulch she used. Funny. Beautiful images!