Sunday, October 19, 2008

Road to Townsend from Cades Cove

There is a road directly across from the Missionary Baptist Church that goes to Townsend, Tennessee. Sorry, I failed to photograph the sign. It is an unimproved road, and it takes an hour to get to Townsend. When the colors are right (and so far they are not) it is awesome to take, just for one overlook. You look down on the Methodist Church and cemetary. The colors are outstanding, and the setting cannot be topped. It is a well known photograph of Cades Cove to the locals. I have taken this road in the past, but not on this day, I still had to get out of the park and go to work.

I am sure at least several of you know, I like the light coming through the trees, especially on gravel roads or paths.

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Dorothy said...

Hi Leedra,
I love these pictures of the winding roads in the Smokies! Makes me want to be there. I enjoy your blog so much that I want to pass along an award to you. Please stop by my blog and pick it up.

Shellmo said...

I love these winding country roads too - your sunlight peeking thru onto the road was captured wonderfully.

Darla said...

That does look like wonderful road to travel on, maybe even a bike ride.

The Tile Lady said...

Just love the road with the light falling on it. These pictures are lovely!