Thursday, October 23, 2008

Double Crested Cormorant

Well, I have finished with the fall colors photographs I took through last week. I went back to the Smokies on Wednesday morning so I am sure I will sharing more fall colors photos when we return from vacation. But for now we are headed south in the morning. I decided I should go through all the photographs I took in June while we were in Florida. So I did, while we are in St Pete Beach you will be viewing photos from our June trip to St Pete.
When I went to the Florida Birding Festival in April 2008 everybody there got excited when they saw a speck in the distance they said were Cormorants. There was always great discussions about how to tell the difference in a Double Crested and a Great.

So in June when we saw these up close, I got excited too. (Trained well!!)
I know it has to be a Double Crested, my reference book says Great Cormorant are not in Florida.
We were on a sunset cruise when I took these. These were taken right before I took the manatee photo I posted in June. The manatee photo was not that great. Looked like that monster Ireland claims to have in their lake.
Maybe this trip I will get some more of these birds. Love getting excited about my photography.
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fishing guy said...

Leedra: Great shots of the cormorants. You have gotten some really neat bird shots.