Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mallard Ducks at Lake Seminole Park

Thought to begin with these were both Mallards. I then thought the bottom photograph is a Mottled Duck. After going back to Lake Seminole Park and seeing all the ducks again I think they are both Mallards.
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Darla said...

This is what I know, (not much).
Adult Mottled Duck is 15 inches long, dark body, lighter head and neck, orange legs, dark eyes. Both sexes have a shiny green blue wing patch, which in not bordered with white as with the Mallard. Male and female are almost identical, except for the coloration on the beak. Probably didn't help...hey I tried!!! LOL

Mary C said...

Leedra, I'm thinking it could be a juvenile male mallard or even a hybrid of sorts. Hopefully, someone will definitely know and ID it for you.

2sweetnsaxy said...

I don't know one duck from another. I do know these are great shots. :-)

Red said...

I'm leaning towards Mallard too. I read somewhere recently that if it had purplish feathers where a Mallard usually would, then it's at least part Mallard.