Monday, October 13, 2008

2 photos of a fall Flowering shrub

The 1st and 2nd photograph are the same just turned. The top photograph is the way I took it, but was not sure which way I liked it.

The 3rd and 4th photographs are actually the same also, just turned differently.
The horizontal of both photographs are the way I actually took them, but wasn't sure which way I liked each of them, so thought I would take input from my visitors. I only took 2 photographs. I took this outside my daughters office window right after I took her picture, which I posted this past Friday afternoon.
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Gardener's Garden said...

Leedra I love your angle on the third one and think it would make a lovely card design.

Dorothy said...

Beautiful, any way you look at it! Looks like something butterflies would love.

fishing guy said...

Leedra: Nicely captured any way it turns.

Darla said...

I like the third one two, what kind of shrub is that?