Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Brown Headed Nuthatch

Another first time bird for me. This bird was at Veterans Park in Spring City, Tennessee last week. There were several, so not sure all these photographs are the same bird.
They sounded like very quiet woodpeckers.
The book said they are having trouble because they prefer pine trees and as we all know the pine trees are in trouble in the southeast. Not sure about other regions.
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Darla said...

Can't recall ever seeing one of those myself, love that brown head. Don't know how you get such great photos of birds......

Lynne said...

Wonderful pictures Leedra. That would be a life bird for me.

fishing guy said...

leedra: Very neat photos of this bird, very nicely done.

Dorothy said...
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Dorothy said...

Good morning, Leedra! These are very good pictures of a pretty little bird that I have never before! Good work! (typo in first comment, sorry)

Shellmo said...

I've never seen one of these before - it's a lovely bird!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leedra, I really enjoyed your
photos of the B-h Nuthatch.Sure
wish I had your talent. I have
only seen 3 of these in my life!
By the way, I tried to comment
on that warbler a few days ago,
but couldn't seem to get through.
My comment was that I agreed with
Richard that it is a Palm Warbler.
Hap in New Hope

Gardener's Garden said...

I've got all kinds of nuthatches but have never seen a brown one either....great catch and lovely photos.