Saturday, October 18, 2008

GSMNP scenery during the fall

Just a couple of views of the smokies, including another tunnel. I stopped to take the tunnel photo, this is where I took most of the wildflower macro photos I have posted this past week. The opposite side of the road from this cliff there is a big drop to a stream, such a drop that in some areas they would call it a gorge. We don't hear that term in this area as much as you do out west. Troutbirder, while I was there taking the macro shots I saw 2 men get out with all their fishing attire go down that drop. Thought I would photograph them WAY down there, but I never could see them down there. Probably because they were specks by the time they got where they were going.
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Dorothy said...

Good Morning Leedra,
Nice shots in the Smokies! I like the tunnels (if they are not too long). Have fun and make lots of pictures to show us!

The Tile Lady said...

Yes, I LOVE seeing the views of the Smokies! Wow, I can't imagine those fishermen getting down that steep gorge!