Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lavender Deal Daylily

Lavender Deal came from Oakes Daylilies Festival in 2005.
In the bottom photo the blooms look a totally different color. That is one of the characteristics of Lavender Deal. This post is for Teresa, she kept telling me she had a pink one blooming that I gave her. It ended out to be this one. She works days and she always sees it like the bottom photo. I work evenings and usually see it like the top 2 photos. The photo on the bottom was obviously taken on a weekend.
As you can tell by all the buds, this one is a great bloomer. How is that for a sales pitch?


Teresa said...

it's amazing the color difference based on the time of day ! But it is beautiful- I knew I wasn't crazy(this time) Teresa

Leedra said...

Knew you would like this one. Even finally got another comment out of you.