Tuesday, July 15, 2008

American Painted Lady Butterfly

I go outside on Friday and see the Monarch, the next day I don't see it again. But I do see an American Painted Lady. I believe planting the Liatris was worth the effort.
American Painted Lady is a lot more rare than the Monarch.
I took one photo of an American Painted Lady last year before it flew off.
I never did see it again.
I hope this one hangs around for a while.
But if not I enjoyed it while it was here.
It hung upside down a lot and that is why most of the phtotos look upside down.
I was concentrating so much on the Painted Lady I did not see the bee until I was at the computer.


Ecobirder said...

Very nice pics Leedra. It must be painted lady season because I just photgraphed my first painted lady on Monday. Your pics are better then mine though.

Leedra said...

I agree, a friend that lives at least 50 miles from me also got the Painted Lady this week. Have not seen it again, so glad it stuck around long enough for me to get these photos.

tina said...

Yes, I think planting liatris was worth it. I love it all!

Leedra said...

Thanks, Tina, for the comments and visiting.