Monday, November 17, 2008

Little Greenbriar Schoolhouse at Metcalfe Bottoms in GSMNP

The Little Greenbriar School at Metcalfe Bottoms without the fence showing.
Then in Black and White.
to see this photo in Sepia.
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Darla said...

Would you stop it already?! I know I'm getting me one of these!! It actually looks quite lovely in color doesn't it?

Richard said...

Like the last picture the best. Old style for old schoolhouse.

Shellmo said...

I like the color one too - but I do love cabin photos in sepia as well. Alright - count me as undecided but I like them all.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I sat in that old schoolhouse once. Made me wonder about all of the children who went to school there one time... Wow!!!! I like the B&W one the best of this particular picture. Thanks!

The Tile Lady said...

I think I like the color one best. Usually I would choose black and white or sepia, but the color one just has so much appeal!