Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fall Colors just barely hanging on

When I got to Spring City yesterday afternoon thought I should get out and take some last photos of the fall colors.

The rain is coming and is suppose to stay for several days. I am sure there will be no leaves left after the rain...except on the ground.

Notice the Eastern Bluebird, thinks he is hiding in the fall colors.

I think he would look good in one of my greeting cards.

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Darla said...

Lovely fall colors, we are just now starting to see changes....the leaves and acorns are everywhere!

fishing guy said...

Leedra: We are a little further on except for protected trees. It is nice to get these final photos of the trees of Fall.

Dorothy said...

Beautiful! I like the one with the Bluebird best.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Still looks really pretty.The Bluebird picture is fantastic.

Mary said...

Lovely fall color!

Jenni said...

I love these fall pictures. Particularly the bright orange tree. I took a ton of fall pictures this year and wish I had taken more.