Monday, November 17, 2008

Metcalfe Bottoms in GSMNP trails and roadways

The first 2 photographs are on a walking path, on the back side of the water, close to the Metcalfe Bottoms picnic area.

The last 2 photgraphs are on the one lane roadway to the Metcalfe Bottoms schoolhouse. It is one lane, but 2 way traffic. Just had to stop to photograph. If you have visited very long you know I love the old country lanes with trees on both sides.

And these just a hint of fall colors showing. This was the last day I was able to go to the GSMNP during the fall colors this year.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

You take unbelievable pictures, Leedra. I love that Metcalfe Bottoms area. We have picnicked there many times--and we hiked to the schoolhouse once from Metcalfe.

Have you stayed at the Wunderland Hotel up that road towards Wears Valley??? Neat hotel back in the mountains! When we stayed there once, they had a bluegrass band live on the big porch. SO much fun!!!!

troutbirder said...

Love you pictures of trails and gravel roads. They urge you on as you wonder what is around the next corner.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Great pictures.This looks like a very inviting place.Thanks for sharing.

Dorothy said...

Looks like lots of the little roads we traveled up there. However, we didn't get to Metcalfe Bottoms.

Pam said...

The trails and paths are just gorgeous.