Friday, December 5, 2008

Buck following his doe at Cades Cove

This buck was following the 2nd doe in this previous post.He stood very still, as if to say I could photograph him all day.
Although he didn't move during all of these photos, I am posting several because I was moving around and the antlers are showing differently due to the light.
I have never see the antlers at this stage, so it was very interesting to me.
Actually can see blood.
This link has information about deer antlers.
I have some more photographs of this same buck I will also be posting.
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Craig Glenn said...

No wonder she was waking away! LOL what a scruffy looking buck. I would guess he has had his fair share of fights this season. Looks like he come out on the rough end of most of them too! More great photo's Leedra. I am saving up for a good camera and look forward to learning to be a good photographer.


fishing guy said...

Leedra: That is the way they learn for next year by fighting.