Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Muskrat or Ground Hog Cherokee Lake

I am not sure if this is a Muskrat or Ground Hog,
but this photograph was requested in one of my greeting cards.


troutbirder said...

Cool little fellow that groundhog. Thanks for the info on bird house problems. I'm fairly sure my problem is location. The backyard faces a 30 acre cornfield, "nurtured" by Atrazine and facing a continued future of "ethanol" growing. Not exactly a place where a bluebird family can find many insects. Being a nontechie person I dont know anythings about links but use a favorites list to keep track of fun and interesting nature blogs

paulette said...

I've never really seen a groundhog up close..just from a distance. LOOK at those EARS!! Not what I was thinking.ha--Cool pics!

paulette said...

Ok..I'm stumped..hope SOMEbody out there lets you know. I'll be watching! haha