Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Purchasing photos on this blog

If you are interested in purchasing a photograph in a blog post, you can email that blog post to me by using the email icon below the post you are interested in. If there are multiple photos in the post please indicate which photograph you are interested in purchasing. Or you can send me an email stating the name and the date of the post with the same interest. I can be contacted here. The easiest way to be sure which photo you are interested in is to click on the actual photo, then at the top you can see the image number. Give me the date of the post and the image number. Be sure and state whether you are at or .

Please provide contact information in your email.

Prices for all photographs on the blog are $30 for 8x10 and $15 for 5x7. These are not matted or framed.

For additional information, please visit
Photography By Leedra.

Thank you for your interest in purchasing my photographs.

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